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Dreaming of drinking bubbles with my girlfriends

Dreaming of drinking bubbles with my girlfriends

It is raining outside so I thought this was an opportune time to do some writing.  We have now been in the Covid 19 lockdown for over 5 weeks and I know I am well and truly ready for a change of scenery.  We live in the beautiful countryside in Murihiku/Southland, New Zealand.

Our nearest neighbours are 1km away and we are surrounded by green paddocks and golden coloured hills. I’m lucky because I get to escape and go do the grocery shopping twice a week in a small town 39 km away. But I am ready to connect with other people in other ways – not just via Zoom meetings or Instagram and Facebook posts or chatting with my favourite lady at the supermarket checkout (who by the way has a sister with Covid 19 who has been ill now for 27 days).

I find Zoom social gathering meetings rather flat, downright dull if I’m being honest.  Only one person can talk at a time so it is hard for fun and momentum to build in a conversation, crescendo’ing with the funny gibe that gets everyone laughing.  I also struggle with seeing how I look, how accentuated my double chin is when looking into a screen and the micro facial expressions I make during conversations.  In normal day to day life I don’t have to see how I look when I interact, I just get to have fun and let things flow, along with the bubbles I love to drink.  I love drinking sparkling wine and heard it described perfectly by my niece the other day.  You may or may not know the movie “Bugs Life”.  Our children watched it a lot when they were little.  In the movie the bugs gently and with great pleasure will take a dew drop of water off a leaf and drink it down as if it is nectar. Drinking bubbles is like that for me and I would like to share a glass or two of bubbles again with my girlfriends, pop the cork, clink our glasses and drink one or two or three more than we really should.

I am incredibly proud of how we have been led during this crisis so instead of daydreaming about drinking face to face with friends, I will propose a toast to Aunty Cindy and Uncle Ashley and quietly say a wee prayer asking for us to go down to level 2 sooner rather than later.  


Posted: Tuesday 5 May 2020