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It's funny the path life leads you on sometimes

It's funny the path life leads you on sometimes

It is funny how life goes sometimes.  During lockdown I saw our current Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern wearing some really neat "feather" earrings.  I tried to find them, tried to buy them but to no avail.  So, through some Google searching and some Pinterest scrolling I worked out how to make the earrings I couldn’t buy.  My daughter Laura has her own earring business – Rainy Day Earrings (which she sells on Instagram and I have a few pairs for sale on this website), so she had all the hooks and findings I needed to have a play and the rest is history.  

I now am creating and designing multiple pairs of earrings for customers across New Zealand and the world – well Australia so far but that is international in my books.  I custom make colours, sizes and designs to work for you, my clients.  If you have come to the site and see something you like but it’s not quite right, send me a message and I will see what I can do.  If I get a request for a new colour and I am able to get it, I name that new design after the person who suggested it.  So far, I’d like to thank Sue, Adele and Sarita for their inspirations regarding designs and colours.

We are blessed to have two QE2 covenants (blocks of land locked up and protected) of ngahere (bush) on our farm. I had the honour of having our local QE2 representative Jesse Bythell take me out and explore our ngahere.  I was like a pig in mud.  I have always enjoyed flora and fauna and this time with Jesse meant that I could ask all the questions I wanted and she was able to answer.  Our covenants are not big but Jesse said that they incredibly biodiverse which is very exciting.  From this day trip spent talking plants, I was inspired to create 2 new earring designs.  One pair was inspired by the Horopito (Pepper Tree) and the other by the Narrow-leaved Mahoe and a dream I had last night about Supple Jack vines. Which is represented as the knot on the top of the Mahoe earrings.

I have always loved to create and craft, as well as to make people feel special about themselves and that is what I try and do with the products I create. Be it through aroma in my candles or in how you feel wearing my Inarapa earrings. I hope that they add a little bit of magic into your day. 

And to finish, I’m not sure if it is a good or bad thing but I am now dreaming about earring designs. At this stage I will roll with it and see where this new adventure leads.

Posted: Sunday 2 August 2020