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Pearls like Wilma Flintstone

Pearls like Wilma Flintstone

For as long as I can remember I have had a love of jewelery.  One strong early memory I have is of my Aunty Jean, visiting us all the way from exotic Australia in the early 70's.  Jean arrived with makeup on, nails painted and around her neck and on her wrist was a string of pearls but not just any old plain string, no no - Wilma Flintstone bold, chunky beauties. I was in love and I think this began a lifelong love of statement pieces of jewellery that enhance my sense of femine style and beauty.  

I love to change my jewelery on a daily basis depending on what I am wearing, both earrings and rings.  I don't have a lot of expensive pieces of jewelery but I think what I do have is fashionable and contempory. Now that I have started creating some of my own pieces out of recycled rubber - I am a bit excited.  I'm not a great sleeper (shit actually if the truth be told) so often at 2 or 3 am an idea will pop into my head during a toss and turn sleep phase, or when I think of someone, a design for them will flash in front of my eyes.  I thank my tipuna for these channelled visions of inspiration. 

This design flash happened the other day when I wanted to give a pair of my earrings to a dear friend - Debbie Houkamau. We've been friends since 2007 when we met at a woman's expo in Queenstown and shared a vision we both had of owning a shop together.  We both got goosies and from there Holistic Health (along with Prue Gordon) was born and we have remained friends ever since.  Debbie is incredibly pure of heart - one of those people you truly feel blessed to have in your life.  She is so kind and so giving.  I have her to thank for launching my earring business by selling to all her friends and clients at her home based beauty business He Koha Aroha.  She gave me the confidence to think that what I was making was of value and that people want to wear recycled, fashionable earrings that connect them with our land, flora and fauna.

So the "Debbie" design was born along with another idea.  The gift of giving to Debs also inspired me to begin a monthly giveaway to the wahine in our lives that inspire us, cry with us when we are happy and sad, who are there never judging, are quick to laugh with us and just as quick to pop a bottle of bubbles to celebrate the good times. Please go onto my Facebook or Instagram Hana Candles page and nominate a kare/friend in your life who you believe deserves a unique pair of recycled rubber earrings, what you love about your kare and the design you think would suit them the best.  I have loved reading what people have shared so far.  We are so blessed to be wahine in New Zealand.

By the way I did eventually get myself a set of the Wilma Flintstone pearls a few years ago but I don't wear them.  Turns out pearls aren't really my style.  They still hang though, in pride of place in my bedroom as a reminder of different times long ago. Yabba-Dabba-Doo!

Posted: Friday 21 August 2020