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Te Marama

Te Marama

Last night was an unsettled sleep for me.  It was spent dreaming of earring designs and they were all circular in shape. As I awoke I could see the powerful glow from Te Marama/the moon.  Te Marama was calling me to create an earring design.

In Maori mythology Te Marama is a male and there is a legend regarding Rona.  "A young woman who walks to the river at night to collect water in the moonlight.  A cloud covers the moon however and she falls over.  Rona curses the moon and is warned by Marama, the moon god, "Be careful what you say Rona, lest you have to pay." Rona falls again and once more curses the moon.  Marama grabs her and carries her to the moon where he treats her very well.  Rona falls in love with the moon and does not want to return to her husband on earth.  Marama gifts Rona with a beautiful cloak of stars and she gains power to control the tides." Source www.twinki.co.nz

I do think of te Marama as a more femine energy but I think the two recycled rubber earrings I dreamed of, once created will be called Rona and Te Marama to honour them. I feel truly blessed that many of my designs come to me in the land of moemoeaa.  I feel very honoured to be creating jewellery in this way.

Have an amazing week.  

Aroha nui Kim

Posted: Monday 31 August 2020