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Tukutuku custom earrings

Tukutuku custom earrings
Custom made to connect you with your iwi and whanau. Available in 5cm and 6.5cm panels.
NZ$ 40.00

Available in 2 sizes - 5 cm and 6.5 cm.  Let me know in comments at checkout which 2 tukutuku designs you would like on your custom recycled rubber earrings; the colour choice for the top panel and the position you would like them in.  Please note black is always on the bottom.

Tukutuku or arapaki is a type of ornamental weaving using reed latticework rather than threads. It is used mainly to adorn the inside walls of wharenui (meeting houses). The tukutuku panels are placed between the carved wall slabs of the wharenui, and, like the carvings, convey a complex language of visual symbols (teara.govt.nz)